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Electrical Machine Lab-1 Manual 4th sem For Diploma Students

Here you will find lab manual of Electrical Machine Lab-1 Manual pdf 4th sem For Diploma Students.

SL No.Experiment NamePDF Downloadable File
1To study the constructional details of DC machineDownload Link
2OC test and SC test of a single-phase transformerDownload Link
3Determination of efficiency of a DC motor by brake testDownload Link
4Parallel operation of a Single phase transformersDownload Link
5Study of Three-point starter, connect and run a DC shunt motor & measure the no load current.Download Link
6Study of Four Point Starter, connect and run a DC compound motor & measure no load current.Download Link

Aim: To study the load characterstics of DC Shunt Generator. Draw the internal characteristics and external characteristics under different loading condition.

Aim: To study the speed control of DC Motor by field resistance Control. Draw the graph between the armature current and motor speed by varying the field resistance.

Aim: To study the speed control of D.C. Shunt motor by armature resistance control method. Draw the graph between armature voltage and motor speed by varring the armature voltage.

Aim: To perform speed control of DC motor by using Ward-Leonard Method. Draw the graph between armature voltage and speed of the motor.

I hope the above Hindi video lecture and the handwritten note can help you understand the topics. Stay with us for more educational video lectures and handwritten notes with free job alerts as well.

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