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Thevenin’s Theorem (Explanation & Solved Problem)

Thevenin’s Theorem

Thevenin’s theorem states that it is possible to simplify any linear circuit, irrespective of how complex it is, to an equivalent circuit with a single voltage source and a series resistance.

Thevenin’s Theorem statement:

Thevenin’s Theorem state that any linear active network consisting of independent or dependent voltage and current source and the network elements can be replaced by an equivalent circuit having a voltage source in series with a resistance, that voltage source being the open-circuited voltage across the open-circuited load terminals and the resistance being the internal resistance of the source.

In other words, the current flowing through a resistor is connected across any two terminals of a network by an equivalent circuit having a voltage source Eth in series with a resistor Rth. Where Eth is the open circuit voltage between the required two terminals called the Thevenin voltage and the Rth is the equivalent resistance of the network as seen from the two terminal with all other sources replaced by their internal resistances called Thevenin resistance.

Follow these steps in order to find Thevenin’s equivalent circuit, when only the sources of independent type are present.

Step 1 − Consider the circuit diagram by opening the terminals with respect to which Thevenin’s equivalent circuit is to be found.

Step 2 − Find Thevenin’s voltage VTh across the open terminals of the above circuit.

Step 3 − Find Thevenin’s resistance RTh across the open terminals of the above circuit by eliminating the independent sources present in it.

Step 4 − Draw the Thevenin’s equivalent circuit by connecting the Thevenin’s voltage VTh in series with the Thevenin’s resistance RTh.

Now, we can find the response in an element that lies on the right side of Thevenin’s equivalent circuit.

Numerical on Thevenin’s Theorem

Problem 1:

Problem 2:

Problem 3:

Problem 4:

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