Top 7 Schemes for a Girl Child in India

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It’s always been said that women lie behind the success of every man.

In our country females are respected more than any male. Our country is the second-most populous country in the world. After China, India lies in making babies and the sex ratio of males to females has little variation. Although there is little variation in sex ratio, also there is a gap in ground and sky between these two sexes.

Top 7 Schemes for a Girl Child in India
Top 7 Schemes for a Girl Child in India


Girls are always treated as powerless and they are advised to stay at home while makes would go out to make money. This spirituality is losing these days but only in cities and almost ¾ of Indians are dependent on the same spirituality.

Apart from these restrictions, there are limitless crimes that are associated with females, and even they could not gain an education. Due to these reasons, many people in India don’t want a baby child or if done, they do not love them as much as boys. Either they ignore them via abortion or child marriage and everybody neglects a baby girl accepting a darker lie that girls can’t handle properties and responsibilities after the parents.

To extinct these, our government had launched so many schemes and programs so that girls can also lead a life equal to males. Out of these, we are going to state 19 different and top schemes that are launched by the Indian government to promote the lives of girls and females.

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Top 7 Schemes for a Girl Child in India

1. Beti bachao Beti padhao

This is one of the top and primary schemes or you may say a blessing from the Indian government. It is termed as a miracle in any girl’s life. It generally lies on the principle of protecting a baby child. When they will be saved, they will be educated.

This program was launched on 22 January 2015 by our current prime minister Narendra Modi Ji. Under this program, the association has to spread awareness of welfare for baby girls among unemployed and uneducated persons, mainly in rural areas.

Under this program, there are certain qualities that are being promoted such as women empowerment, girl equality, no abortion and education for every single girl.


2. National scheme of incentives to girls for secondary education

This scheme was launched in the year 2008. Under this scheme, every unmarried girl will get INR 300 when they get initiated to the 9th standard and they can withdraw it thereon with interest when they turn 18 or qualifies for the 10th standard.


3. Sukanya samriddhi yojana

This scheme for a girl was launched in the year 2015 by the Indian government under the sector of financial welfare and generally targets the parents of any particular girl.

Under this scheme, the girl child who is less than 10 in age, can get a saving account opened by their parents and they need to invest some amount for a particular time after which at maturity, they will get the entire interest of their invested money that can be beneficial for the girl child.


4. Balika samriddhi yojana

This scheme was launched on October 2nd in the year 1997. The objective of this scheme is to raise a girl of a particular family who lies bottom of the poverty line.

At a particular interval of time, the girl’s parents or even the girl would get a prefixed amount of money credited to their respective registered accounts in banks.


5. CBSE Udaan scheme

CBSE is the leading board of council for education in India in terms of the number of students. This institution had issued a scheme for girls that is related to their studies.

Under MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development) this scheme targets all the girls who had secured their 10th standard or 12th standard with at least 70% of marks issued in their merit. They are directed in the engineering field after which they get costless education and can stand on their own foot to make money and live.


6. Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme

This is a scheme that the central government of Maharashtra launches. This scheme came into force on April 1st in the year 2016.

Under this scheme, the government would issue a huge amount of INR 50000 only and only if the parents had their first baby girl and after that, the mother would have to perform sterilization. After that, the amount would be credited in the name of the girl child. This is done to promote the girl sex ratio and education.


7. Ladli Laxmi Yojana

This event is also managed by the central government but this scheme or program is run in Madhya Pradesh. Under this scheme, there is a condition that the girl should not be married before 18 but after 21 and at the time the central government will issue an amount of 1 lakh INR to the girl so that she can be married nicely.

Thus these schemes were the top 7 schemes that are now active and all the eligible persons could gain the benefits of these schemes and programs that are run by various institutions and governmental organizations or even via the government.



So in this post, we had enlisted 7 top schemes or programs that had been launched for a girl and baby girls in India. Via these schemes, they could get much of their ability. All the girls who get into it get many and many benefits. We have explained the schemes and their principles so users may have an idea for any particular scheme.

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