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Norton’s Theorem (Explanation & Solved Problem)

Norton’s Theorem

Norton’s theorem states that any 2-terminal linear and bilateral network or circuit having multiple independent and dependent sources can be represented in a simplified equivalent circuit known as Norton’s equivalent circuit.

Norton’s Theorem states that – A linear active network consisting of independent or dependent voltage source and current sources and the various circuit elements can be substituted by an equivalent circuit consisting of a current source in parallel with a resistance.The current source being the short-circuited current across the load terminal and the resistance being the internal resistance of the source network.

Steps for Solving a Network Utilizing Norton’s Theorem
Step 1 – Remove the load resistance of the circuit.

Step 2 – Find the internal resistance Rint of the source network by deactivating the constant sources.

Step 3 – Now short the load terminals and find the short circuit current ISC flowing through the shorted load terminals using conventional network analysis methods.

Step 4 – Norton’s equivalent circuit is drawn by keeping the internal resistance Rint in parallel with the short circuit current ISC.

Step 5 – Reconnect the load resistance RL of the circuit across the load terminals and find the current through it known as load current IL.

Numerical on Thevenin’s Theorem

Problem 1:

Problem 2:

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